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Facebook: LeGourmetSG
Phone: +(65) 6778 5885

Our address.

Le Gourmet Restaurant
Blk 504 West Coast Drive
#02-236 Singapore 120504

Opening Times.

Daily:  12:00pm to 10.30pm
Public Holidays: Do call us before dropping by.

Le Gourmet Restaurant Singapore| Its’ All About Good Food

Veggie Lovers Delight

Honey Yogurt Vegetarian Salad. All the healthy goodness in a bowl. Served with nectar peach, rasins, croutons on a bed of garden greens in honey yogurt dressing.


The Original Legendary Pizza

Thin crust topped with three cheese blend ovenen to the perfect crispiness.


Pasta Made Right

Our signature French smoked duck breast pasta. Served with lightly toasted mushroom in a light pesto cream sauce.





The Le Gourmet Experience

One of Singapore’s popular indies restaurant, Le Gourmet serves robustly flavored and seasonal cuisine in a relaxed setting of casual elegance. Features original and iconic dishes dined in a serene and intimate environment, we continue to set the bar for excellence in the local dinning scene.

We focused on taste, quality and creativity in our cuisines. We pay attention to our dinning experience, setting and service to create a wholesome and blissful dining experience. In the end, we serve with our motto:

Its’ all about good food.

Affordable Excellence

We believe that good tasting food and a complimentary ambience does not meant a higher price tag. Serving the heartlands area of West Coast, we have established ourself as an affordable western dinning with a cosy ambience. We serve you, like we want to be served.

Quality Food

Our menus offered a crafted selection of dishes uniquely ours. Our innovative creations are cooked and served with only the finest ingredients. Step into our restaurant for a moment of tranquility from the busy streets, where we promise you an array of uniquely quality food.

Our Unique Selections

From pizzas to pastas, salads to seafood, we offer an array of choices guaranteed to spoil your tastebuds.

Le Grourmet’s Featured Selections


From finger licking crispy buffalo wings to a mixed platter. We offer the most savouring appetizers to go along your mains. We recommend our chef’s signatures Breaded shitake mushrooms and mixed crispy platter.


Other Recommendations: Potato wedges served with cilantro dip. Battered Onion Rings served with honey mustard dip.


Main Course

Get the dinning into full engine with one of our chef’s recommendations. Choose from own finest chicken, beef, lamb or seafood depending on your palettes’ desire for the day. All main courses comes with two selection side dishes.


Other Recommendations: Charcoal grilled prime sirloin Steaks. Ribs and sausage combo.



Snack in with our thin crust pizza topped with three cheese blend ovened to the perfect crispiness. Vegetarian? We got you covered. Try our signature Vegetarian Lovers Pizza. Vegetarian and a cheese lovers? Don’t miss our Goat Cheese and Olives Pizza. Pizzas are available in 7″ regular crust or 10″ thin crust.


Pastas and Baked Rice

Whether you prefer the creamy carbonara or the classic tomato sauces pasta, we got you covered. In are are feeling seafood for the day, we recommend our softshell crab pasta. Going got the simple carbonara? Our gourmet Carbonara will be refreshing and fulfilling. Is rice your choice of carbs? Our grilled chicken alfredo baked rice will leave you feeling wholesome.


Other Recommendations: Spicy Crabmeat Pasta. Salmon and Prawn Pasta.


We select and use only the finenest ingredients to deliver the most authentic taste.

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Featured Dish of the Month


Honey Yogurt Vegetarian Salad

The Next Hip Salad

Most salads can be a healthy, satisfying meal on its own or as a healthy side. However, most salads are also less wholesome and vitamins rich than they claim to be, and even more of those taste more towards bland then an appetizing healthy meal.

Le Gourmet’s Honey Yogurt Vegetarian Salad is the revolution of the salads.

Made from nectar peach, raisins, croutons on a bed of garden greens in honey yoghurt dressing, this salad is made to please. A vegetarians dream’s dish coming true, could be an under statement.

The honey yogurt dressing compliments the garden greens perfectly with a light dressing over, pulling all the ingredients together in a unified and harmonious front.  The sweetness with a pitch of sour of the nectar peach adds the perfect amount of fruitiness over the fresh greens. Unlike salads which are heavy to chew, this hierarchy of ingredients perfectly fill each spoon with the right serving size. All you get is a mouthful of wholesomeness.

For the calories counter, this salad is very low on calories.

Enjoy your life. Lover yourself. We never compromise taste for healthy food. At Le Gourmet, Its’ all about good food.